Lynette Singers

Limited Edition, Fine Art, Giclee Prints

still life

Lynette Singers

Born and brought up on a remote New Zealand farm Lynette was immersed from an early age in the stimulating visual environment of the Ruahine foothills. The lush native bush created a rich backdrop for landscapes and it was there that as a child with no urban distractions, she set off into the hills to draw and paint.

After studying life drawing in Auckland for two years Lynette sailed for England and continued her studies at the Putney School of Art for a further four years. Here she studied life drawing, sometimes with the eccentric Quentin Crisp as a model, and extended her use of pastel.

Attracted to the remoteness of East Anglia with its wide skies, marshes and sandy beaches Lynette moved to Essex in 1971. Lynette found pastels enabled her to capture the subtle, early morning light, of the landscape. Her work has a unique quality and shows the true magic in the use of pastels. Recent work includes figures, interiors and still life.

For several years her work has been widely exhibited including the Pastel Society in the Mall Gallery in London. As a result of this a major card manufacturer has published some of her work. Her work is collected by a growing number of people worldwide who are struck by her ability to use pastel both in fine detail and with colourful vibrancy. Lynette is also a member of The Colchester Art Society and has been accepted as an Associate Member of the National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers.

Exhibitions include

  • Bac's Arcade, Ipswich
  • Forum, Hadleigh
  • Proffits Farm, Tolleshunt D'Arcy
  • Hayletts Gallery, Colchester
  • Minories Gallery, Colchester
  • Portlland Gallery, Southwold
  • Example Art, London